June 12 2018: tomorrow the world

Just when Donald Trump thought he was getting somewhere with Korea, along comes the problem of Cascadia. There’s a Northern League connection, of course.

Cascadia’s described as a bio-region, approximately embracing the US states of Washington and Oregon and the Canadian province of British Columbia. Some there seek secession, what Ian Smith called UDI, to become a nation in their own right.

Though President Trump’s views are unknown, they may perhaps be imagined.  Since it’s the thought that counts, however, it was enough for Cascadia to be accepted into the recent Conifa Cup for unaffiliated nations, played in London.

The manager was Jim Nichols, former goalkeeping coach and then team manager at Penrith, where he frequently travelled to watch future opponents at his own expense. “Everyone at the c lub is absolutely delighted by his move into international management,” says Penrith secretary Ian White.

Some of the Cascadians may actually have been from North America. Many played in the Lodnon area, one for Elgin City. Jim hadn’t met any of them.

Known as the Doug, their flag depicts a Douglas fir tree – a Conifa fir, perhaps.

They didn’t do badly, beating Tamil Ellam 6-0 before losing to Karpatalya (me neither.) The Cascadians have now cascaded whence they came, but are anxious for Jim to continue. In the meantime, he’s gone back to coaching at Kendal.

*Durham City are marking their centenary. The magnificernt David Asbery, club president and involved for over 50 years, is writing a history. “Some of them think I was around when the club was formed,” he says.

Particularly he’s keen – long shot, but can anyone help – to find out who the founders were. In seeking information, I come across a league magazine piece from 2002 marking the 50th anniversary of City’s Northern League membership. It told how Dave became involved.

A television engineer in the 1960s, he’d converted his uncle Harry Davison’s set from 405 to 625 lines and, of course, declined payment. Harry, the club chairman, gave his a season ticket instead. Hook, lines and sinker, they had him.