September 8 2017: Gibb and take

Inveterately, incorrigibly, the blog a few days back had cause to employ the word “ineluctable” with reference to Dean Gibb, habitual streaker and perhaps the only footballer in history to be sent off in a penalty shoot-out.

It sent Ray Gowan leafing through his Oxford Mini Dictionary – an essential concommitant when reading Grass Roots, he insists.

“Ineluctable” is defined as “against which it is useless to struggle”. Briefer dictionaries simply suppose “inescapable.” Apropos of nothing, the German philosopher Friedrich Schiller claimed that against stupidity, the gods themselves struggle in vain.

Deano, at any rate, is probably best remembered from the outstanding Bedlington Terriers side of 20 years ago, though he had a professional spell with Hartlepool United and also played Northern League football for Brandon and Seaham Red Star.

Ray claims joint responsibility with fellow long-serving manager Peter Feenan, who discovered Dean as a 15-year-old at Redheugh Boys Club, in Gateshead. “I then nurtured him, if that’s the word, into a play-anywhere 150 per center.”

Thus spurred, Ray nominates an Ineluctable X1, chiefly from the 60s and 70s, against which it might indeed be difficult to struggle – “a match for any side from the Premiership to Wormwood Scrubs.”

Playing 4-3-3, Ray’s Ineluctable X1 would be: Phil Owers, Bob Tookley, Tony Monkhouse, Ged Hartley, Tony Butterfield, Barney Malone, Paul Walker, Billy Lees, Dean Gibb, Billy Cruddas and Billy Wright. Colin Richardson, Richard Allan and Jeff Cranson would be subs.

I have suggested to Ray that it would be impossible to omit the late Doug Raine, of Stanley United and the Crook council bins collection team. It might mean dropping Ged Hartley to the bench, and bags me not tell him. Other nominations welcome.

There’s also been an email from former Bedlington vice-chairman John Garbutt, basically about unrelated matters – more in the next day or two – but which also feels compelled to mention Mr Gibb.

John swears that he was waiting for the bus the other day when, from the nearby subway tunnel, he heard a clanking noise. “On further inspection I spotted a heavily muffled figure pedalling an old bone shaker through the tunnel. It was Dean Gibb on one of his infamous training rides, but this time he had his clothes on.”

Ineluctable, or what?