September 7 2017: Laffey matter

Regional television has been busy all day with tributes to the truly legendary Mike Neville, whose death was recorded in yesterday’s blog.

Don Clarke liked the chap on the BBC who said “He was just like one of the lads, wannee?” – no better epitaph than that, Don supposes – while Lance Kidney recalls a song called “Mike Neville said it, so it must be true”, from an album called Bede Weeps by Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies.

Tyne Tees played but a snatch. The internet says that the video isn’t available. Anyone know the words?

After the Look North eulogy, there’s a piece on 48-year-old Hebburn Town committee member Michael Laffey — son of Big Bill Laffey, the club chairman – a first-time entrant in the wheelchair event in Sunday’s Great North Run.

Michael was affected by a paralysing illness when just 19, while watching Newcastle United at Wimbledon. “It was a disaster, we lost 4-0,” he tells the telly

Bill says he’ll be there to catch him at the end. Great good luck to them both.

There’s also time to catch up tonight with the appearance earlier in the week of familiar former Northern League goalkeeper Dan Molyneux on the Channel 4 programme Come Dine With Me.

The idea is that five folks take it in turn – apparently on consecutive evenings – to host and cook a dinner party for the others.

Dan, who retired four years ago after suffering a serious head injury while playing for Newton Aycliffe at Tow Law, has a James Bond themed menu – Licensed to thrill (which is vegetable soup), the steak that loved me (which is more or less self-explanatory) and Live and let pie, the pudding.

“I’ve got a man crush on Daniel Craig. I think he’s dishy,” he tells the world. He’d never have told Tow Law.

Dan, who now runs a goalie academy, will learn on Friday evening if he’s won the £1,000 prize. He came over pretty well on television, to be honest, but will never be another Mike Neville.

No one could fill Mike’s shoes, not ever.