August 10 2017: What’s in a name?

O N Chenecks (2)


Monday’s blog pondered the improbable names of some of the FA Cup extra-preliminary round combatants, among them the team listed on the FA website as Northampton On Chenecks.

Were the Chenecks a tribe of displaced North American Indians, as rather it sounded, or was the River Chenecks alittle known tributary to some mighty South Midland waterway?

The FA, it transpires, has failed to see the point. Gary Brand and Brian Weir both tell the story; Brian, in Northern Ireland, sends the picture above which clearly illustrates it.

Chenecks was formed out of Northampton Grammar School, the name an amalgam of the four houses – Chipsey’s, Spencer, Beckett and St Crispin’s. When they ground shared with Old Northampton Rugby Club, they became O.N. Chenecks.

Gary, who’s a Londoner – and, for his sins, a Spurs man – also sees quite a bit of FC Romania and Sporting Bengal, both in the Essex Senior League. “Sporting Bengal are, well, Bengali,” he writes. “FC Romania are, well, Romanian.”

Romania did have an English player last season but he only lasted a couple of weeks. The good old secretary’s English, though.

Keith Stoker fancied a trip to Holland – “just up the coast from Clacton-on-Mud” – Don Clarke supposed Corinthian Casuals the greatest name ever, Martin Birtle had a great uncle in Odd Down and Tow Law secretary Steve Moralee points out that Quorn were Quorn Methodists until 1952, when they became irreligious.

That one’s drawn from the truly remarkable Football Club History Database, where even the “Q” section ranges from Quarry Nomads to Queens Park Strollers.

*Brian Bennett’, Ashington’s faithful press officer for more than forty years, claims an exclusive after last Saturday’s Cup tie with Ryhope CW by interviewing three different members of the Harmison family  Steve, who’s joint manager, Ben who scored the only goal and James, now starting his 21st consecutive season of Northern League football.

Mostly his time has been spent with the Colliers and with Bedlington Terriers, but James has also had spells with North Shields and Newcastle Bue Star. Probably there are current Northern League footballers with a still longer playing record. Anyoe like to suggest who they are?