July 15 2017: Loose talk

Lazily recalling the Idle Workmen’s Club, Bradford way, the blog the other day noted that England really did have a Loose Women’s Institute.

Whitley Bay fan Julian Tyley remembers the place – ” a quite pretty village near Maidstone” – from his days as a primary school teacher in Kent.

The WI even featured on Pathe News as long ago as 1937 – “Not as exciting as it sounds,” Pathe conceded – though the “Loose Womens Institute” sign in the window showed that standards were already in danger of dropping.

Or perhaps the possessive apostrophe hadn’t been invented in 1937.

These days the Loose women meet in the pavilion on the King George V playing field. The KGV, of course, is also the home of Guisborough Town FC, though the two should not be confused.

There are no loose women in Guisborough (though I do wonder about one or two of the blokes.)

Julian insists that he has no idea whether any of the Kent women lived down to their name, though he recalls that their offspring were clearly competitive. Usually the local primary school beat his guys at sport but on one still-remembered occasion, Julian’s team won the area cricket competition and got to play in the lunch interval at Canterbury, when Kent were hosting the West Indies.

That’s another close season blog, anyway: every which way, and now Loose as well.