May 19 2017: Washington withdraw resignation


Just like the old days, this – breakfast at Wetherspoons in Durham with Ebac Northern League secretary Kevin Hewitt followed by lunch in the Red Lion at North Bitchburn with John Elliott, the sponsor.

These things are properly confidential, of course. Save for the fact that the wholly admirable Kevin declines an extra bit of black pudding, it seems like there’ll be nothing to report.

We’re just heading out into the wet when he receives a text message, and it’s very good news. Washington have withdrawn their resignation.

The club, it will be recalled, believed that they had reached the stage when the faithful – and ageing – few could go on no longer. New blood appears to have been found; Nissan, who own the ground, are happy, too.

Goodness knows where that leaves the outstanding promotion and relegation issues, particularly as regards Guisborough Town – third bottom of the first division. The FA is expected to have first say on that.

It proves a greatly enjoyable 90 minutes – but I still don’t think much of Wetherspoons breakfasts.

John Elliott’s on a high. Daniel’s Flyer, one of his horses, won at 25-1 at Newmarket the other day and, driving home, they stopped at a bookie’s in Stamford to watch another come second at Doncaster.

He also has a wheeze – a wizard wheeze, as they used to say in the Jennings books – of which we may have more news later. If only the lunch weren’t so frequently interrupted by cold callers trying to sell him boilers.

It’s only when I’m back outside waiting for the bus that I spot the parked van pictured atop today’s blog. The Northern League secretary’s job always was a labour of love but have things got so bad that Kevin has had to resort to unblocking drains and things?

What the poor lad needs is a 25-1 winner at Newmarket.